All students enrolled in Appellate Advocacy participate in the David E. Snodgrass Intramural Moot Court Competition, which began with the initiation of the UC Law SF Moot Court Program in 1878. In 1963, the competition was named to honor the memory of David E. Snodgrass, Dean of Hastings from 1940 to 1963 and the founder of the “Sixty-Five Club.” The Snodgrass Competition honors the outstanding appellate brief writers and oral advocates at UC Law SF.

Each year, the Appellate Advocacy professors nominate students for Snodgrass Competition Awards in brief and oral argument categories. The Snodgrass Judging Committee reviews and scores the nominated submissions and determines the winners in each category. Awards for the top ten briefs, top ten oral advocates, and top five overall are presented at the annual Moot Court Awards Ceremony held in April. A student must be nominated for awards in both the brief and oral argument categories to be considered for an overall award. The David E. Snodgrass Award goes to the student with the highest combined brief and oral advocacy score. 

This year, we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Snodgrass Competition!

The Legal Research and Writing and Moot Court Department congratulates all of our past winners of the Snodgrass Moot Court Competition and shares best wishes for those competing this year!

David E. Snodgrass Intramural Moot Court Competition
Overall Award Recipients 

1964    Yale Harlow

1965    Bruce Taylor

1966    Michael J. Roark

1967    Stephen J. Koundakjia

1968    James B. Young

1969    Dennis C. Poulsen

1970    Linda J. Brown

1971    Thomas N. Douglass, Jr.

1972    Douglas J. Gray

1973    David L. Slate

1974    Jane Peterson

1975    Michael P. Bradley

1976    Gary G. Devine

1977    Jeffrey M. Graeber

1978    Kenneth F. Strong

1979    James M. Wagstaffe

1980    Michael E. White

1981    Mark S. Kannett

1982    Susan A. Richman

1983    Barbara J. Orr

1984    David S. Yamaguchi

1985    Cynthia A. Bashant

1986    Henry Cirillo

1986    John Williams

1989    Sang-Jin Nam

1990    James N. Conway

1991    Derek J. Bercher

1992    Robert Timothy Reagan

1993    Christopher Parsons

1994    Dana Linker Steele

1995    Scott A. Sher

1996    Meghan Rhea

1997    William Sloan

1998    Thomas J. Wallace

1999    Saundra McClendon-Riley

2000    Margaret Branick-Abilla

2001    Dara Tabesh

2002    Jack C. Chen

2003    Joshua A. Weiss

2004    Irene Pertsovsky

2005    Anthony Flemmer

2006    Corinne Fratini

2007    Neil Perry

2008    Kyong M. Kim

2009    Molly Friend

2010    Judy Yang

2011    Adam Kaplan

2012    Cassandra Shryock

2013    Joy Siu

2014    Ashish Sudhakaran 

2015    Jonathan Goldstein

2016    Jonathan Klaren

2017    Karl Johnston

2018    Hilda Kajbaf

2019    Zahra Alamire

2020   Nathan Guerrero

2021   Justine Chang

2022   Brandon Chen

2023  Christian Grasinger