Our mission is to make Moot Court accessible to every UC Law SF student. Your tax-deductible donation designated to Moot Court ensures our students have the opportunity to learn the art of appellate advocacy.


Donations to the UC Law SF Moot Court Program are tax-deductible and help keep Moot Court accessible to as many UC Law SF students as possible. Every dollar helps our teams!

For those working at law firms, donation-matching programs, if offered, are also a great way to maximize the impact of your donation funds. Please make your check payable to the UC Law SF Moot Court Fund and mail it to:

UC Law SF Alumni Center, Department 34063 P.O. Box 39000 San Francisco, CA 94139-0001

Please specify in the comments section that your donation is for Moot Court.

Host or Judge a practice

If monetary sponsorship is not feasible right now, our Moot Court friends can volunteer to host team practices.  Firm practices are a tremendous asset to our students because they provide a real-world perspective.  Alums and sponsors are also encouraged to judge team practices at Hastings.  The experience you’ll bring as a practitioner and/or former competitor is invaluable to our teams!  Team practice schedules are posted on our website beginning in September.

Sponsor a team or make a matching gift

Sponsoring a Moot Court team is a great way for law firms, individuals, and companies to get involved with Moot Court. A sponsor may help fund some, or all, of the costs associated with a competition, including registration fees, lodging and other assorted travel expenses. There is no minimum monetary requirement for sponsoring a team. The cost varies with each competition and can range from $1,500-$2,000 for local competitions to $12,000-$15,000 for those that take place outside California. Sponsors may choose a team that competes in the area of law in which the individual firm or company specializes, or in a geographic area related to the attorney or firm. Each sponsor’s contribution will be highlighted in alumni publications, as well as in our UC Law SF Moot Court newsletter and website, and at the annual Moot Court Awards Ceremony.

Some of our UC Law SF teams are funded entirely by generous alumni and their cumulative donations, while others are sponsored by one law firm or individual directly. Many donations trigger a matching gift, which allows a firm or company to double a donor’s gift. All donations to Moot Court are tax-deductible and the sponsorship process is easy. For more information, please contact the Senior Assistant Dean for LRW & Moot Court, Toni Young, at (415) 565-4729, or using the link below.